Best Digital Thermometer Reviews UK


There are different types of digital thermometers are available in the market- oral, rectal, and forehead, plus many that are multifunctional.


Expert recommends the i-Proven DMT-489, a dual-mode infrared thermometer that takes fast, accurate readings from either the forehead or the ear.

3 Best Digital Thermometer Reviews UK

1. i-Proven DMT-489 Medical Digital Ear Thermometer.


The iProvèn DMT-489 Medical Digital Ear Thermometer is perfect for all ages. Their thermometer is calibrated for ear & temporal measurements.

This makes it easy to use when you have a baby, infant, & older kids. This Digital Ear Thermometer has sensors that measure the radiation emitted by your forehead & eardrum to read your temperature.

Hold the thermometer up to your / your child’s forehead or use the attached ear probe for infants who are at least six months old.

i-Proven DMT-489 Medical Digital Ear Thermometer

Reading is delivered in 1 to 3 seconds & it can store up to 20 readings. The thermometer will sound 3 beeps & show a red warning light if a fever is detected / a green light if it reads a normal temperature.

What You Get – 1x DMT-489 thermometer, 2x AAA batteries, 1x flexible storage pouch 1x USA handbook & 1x USA quick start guide.

2. Vick’s Comfort Flex Digital Thermometer for Kids or Adults, for Rectal, Oral or Underarm Use.


Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer helps you to measure your accurate body temperature.

The Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer featured with SpeedRead technology, large screen display & Fever InSight feature makes taking temperatures fast, easy & comfortable.

 You can use this digital Thermometer orally, rectally & under the arm.

Features: Fever & Insight: Large color-changing display/ shown with backlight. Fast 8-second reading.

Accurate readings within 0.2°F. Waterproof. Storage case inside. Memory recall.  Results will change by individual & method used.

Clinical results range from 8.1 – 38.0 seconds. Average read times in clinical: 22.0 seconds underarm, 13.0 sec rectal & 19.0 seconds oral.

Warranty: Lifetime.

Vick's Comfort Flex Digital Thermometer for Kids or Adults, for Rectal, Oral or Underarm Use

3. Braun Digital Ear Thermometer, ThermoScan 5 IRT6500.


Braun is a brand that is known for its excellent devices, & this particular ThermoScan 5 IRT6500 thermometer is excellent. This is Excellent for personal use.

Everything from its design, ease of use, accuracy, & reliability has made it become one of the most popular thermometers in health care centers.

The ThermoScan 5 ear thermometer is safe & accurate for all ages (Baby’s, Kids & Adults). It accurately takes your kid’s temperature in just a few seconds, with the use of disposable lens filters to keep sharing sanitary.

Braun Digital Ear Thermometer, ThermoScan 5 IRT6500

It features a pre-warmed tip that improves accuracy & comfort, a unique guidance system that ensures precise results & infrared technology that takes your child’s temperature in just a few seconds.

The IRT6500 Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer has a large, & easy to read display. It’s proven to be more correct than the forehead temperature models.

This Thermometer comes with memory recall; you can keep track of the last temp readings.

The ExacTemp positioning system uses light & a beep to confirm proper positioning. Temperature can read both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

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