Digital Outdoor Thermometer Reviews


With Digital Outdoor Thermometer, you can measure the outside temperature without going outside.

An indoor and outdoor thermometer is convenient to check your newborn’s room temperature or to check the temperature and humidity for indoor plant growth.

These thermometers check the temperature of a particular area for convenience such as bedroom, living room, garden, greenhouse, and garage, etc.

So, if you are thinking about getting an indoor and outdoor thermometer, read on.2 Best Digital Outdoor Thermometer Reviews

1. Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer.


The Taylor accuracy thermometer has the feature of daily minimum and maximum temperature reset and it comes with a small display with a large number. The wireless device displays temperatures in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius.


  • Comes with a built-in watch and hassle-free installation.
  • Larger figures have a smaller display.
  • Comes in a beautiful, smooth, and contemporary design.
  • Remote sensors transmit signals for up to 200 feet.
  • Manual time functions including Celsius and Fahrenheit display.


  • Outdoor sensors are not sealed or waterproof.
  • Does not work in icy temperatures.
Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer

2. Zeal P1000 Digital Thermometer For Indoor & Outdoor Use



Zeal P1000 Digital thermometer proudly bears Zeal’s brand name, a company highly respected in the medical measurement field that has been trading since 1888.Zeal P1000 Digital Min/Max thermometers feature large-scale, easy-to-read dual displays / shown with max/min memory functions & a programmable audible high & low alarm.

The Min/Max Thermometer model P1000 exactly measures temperature over the range -50 to + 70°C / equivalent °Fahrenheit with a 0.1°C/°Fahrenheit resolution.

The waterproof remote sensors are attached to the unit with a two-meter PVC lead for outdoor temperature measurement.

Zeal P1000 Digital Thermometer for Indoor & Outdoor Use


Indoor-outdoor thermometer:

  • Let’s measure the temperature without you going outdoors.
  • Accessible for engineers to measure the temperature of undeveloped structures.
  • Measures barometric pressure and dampness as well as temperature.
  • Gives accurate measurements of other rooms in the home.
  • The Smartphone provides connections that help you to know the temp on your phone.

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