Dr. Trust Digital Thermometer How to Use

Dr. Trust Digital Thermometer is a fast, accurate & easy-to-use thermometer that helps you to know the temperature in few seconds.

Dr. Trust Digital Thermometer How to Use

The thermometer has been designed for easy & comfortable use. Place the thermometer within the side of the tongue until the thermometer beeps. Uses it helps to measure the temperature by putting it in your mouth for few seconds / within 20 seconds.

This is a tough adult & baby thermometer. It works for measuring temperature orally, rectally & from the armpit & is suitable for all ages including babies, kids, & adults. Read the label carefully before being used under medical supervision to avoid any physical damage keep out of reach of the children.

Easy to use & clean

It has a simple button operation. Turn on & measure temperature orally, rectally, & underarm. While waterproof quality allows you to wash it in a simple & hygienic way.


  • The thermometer has been designed for easy & comfortable use.
  • Temperature can be measured in Celsius & Fahrenheit mode.
  • It has a one-button operation – Auto on/off.
  • The battery is pre-installed & is simple to replace when required.
  • It gives you a rapid reading with the upgraded microchip.
  • Also has a flexible tip that makes it more comfortable to use.
  • It has clinical accuracy with superior sensors & shows the results within 20 seconds.

Alarm function

Beeper alarm Alerts you when body temperature/blood heat reading crosses ≧37.8°C. It displays a temperature between 32.0°C to 42.9°C.

Last reading memory for easy tracking

Memory recalls the last reading and automatically displays after powering on the thermometer. This structure helps you easily track the progress of the fever.

Accurate & fast results

Their premium digital thermometer is clinically correct with high clearness. Allows you to take body measurement, normally in 1 minute with 0.1 °c accuracies.

Flexible tip + large display for convenience

It offers max convenience during usage. The flexible tip ensures that the user remains comfortable. The large display makes reading easy for all ages.

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