How to Use Bestmed Digital Temple Thermometer

A Temple Touch thermometer is a device that enables accurate body Read the enclosed instructions exactly to make sure accurate temp readings.

How to Use Bestmed Digital Temple Thermometer

How to Use Bestmed Digital Temple Thermometer Are Given Below:-

  • 1. Press the power button to activate. One short beep when on. Two beeps when ready to read.
  • 2. Place round sensor/Detector tip on the temple.
  • 3. Wait for a single long beep & read the temperature. 6-10 second reading depending on the individual.

Uses-The BestMed Digital Temple Thermometer exactly measures body temperature using quick, accurate, & state-of-the- art technology. The detector fast tracks the heat stream generated from blood vessels to the skin’s surface & converts the dimension to body temperature.

Great for home, office, and daycare. Fast, accurate 6-sec reading can be taken while asleep/awake. Certified accurate. Gentle & non-invasive detector correctly reads in degrees F & degrees C (no sterile covers needed, just wipe with alcohol). Power/memory control button. Large digital display. 2 AAA batteries included.

Care and Storage

  • 1. Don’t drop or crush the device. It isn’t shockproof.
  • 2. Don’t break down or modify the device other than changing the batteries.
  • 3. Don’t store the device in an extreme atmosphere with direct sunshine, high/ low temperatures, or in a site with high moistness or severe dust.

Cleaning Process

  • 1. Pre-cleaning with cold water wash many times.
  • 2. Clean the probe with a solution of 5-10% mild detergent for about 10-15 seconds.
  • 3. Continuously clean with cold water to avoid any chemical leavings remaining on the device.
  • 4. Wash out the device with drinking water or distilled water to ensure the disposal of all remnants of the cleaning agent.
  • 5. If necessary, repeat steps 2 through steps 4 in order to make sure the device.

Drying process

  • 1. after cleaning & disinfection process above.
  • 2. Put the device to air-dry at room temperature 68-86°F, exposure time around 30-60 minutes.

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