How to Use Micro Temple Digital Thermometer

What Is Micro-Temple Digital Thermometer?

 CVS Health Micro temple digital thermometer is non-invasive, making it easy to monitor/watch temperature changes while you/your family member is resting. It tracks the heat inflow from blood vessels to the skin’s shell and converts this measure to the body temperature, giving you complete and accurate reading.

Where is your temple located?

Human cranium- The temporal bone is orange, & the temple overlies the carnal bone as well as overlying the sphenoid bone. The temple is a point where four cranium bones fuse together the forward, parietal, temporal, & sphenoid. It is located on the side of the head backward the eye between the face & the ear.

How to Use Micro Temple Thermometer?

You turn it on, hold on for the beep & hold it on you until it beeps again. A fast multiple beep means temp over 99.5. Either wait a minute after taking the temp & it’ll beep again meaning it’s ready to take again so hold it on the skin & hold on for it to tell you it’s done.

How to Use Micro Temple Digital Thermometer

How to Use Micro Temple Digital Thermometer Are Given Below-

  • 1. Install batteries into the thermometer making sure the contrariety is correct.
  • 2. Press and release the POWER button. The unit will dial once. Bide until it beeps again twice and only °F shows in the display. Don’t place the probing to the temple before the2 beeps or while the alarm clock is still displayed.
  • 3. Place & hold the thermometer probing strongly to the skin at the temple, hold on several seconds for the device to dial once more. Once you place the probing in the temple, there’s no need to press the POWER button again. If doing this will turn the unit off.
  • 4. Read the temperature on the display.

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