How to Use Mobi Digital Thermometer

How to Use Mobi Digital Thermometer

Mobi Digital Thermometer helps you to easily measure body temperature in 2 ways using the ears & the forehead & enables accurate temperature readings of rooms, water, & food.

How to Use Mobi Digital Thermometer

How to Use Mobi Digital Thermometer Are Given Below:-

  • Press & hold the Settings Button for about 2 seconds to enter into the Settings mode.
  • Press the Settings Button again to go to the time/ Date format & select 12 hr or 24 hr mode.
  • Note: PM will display on the screen when in 12hrformat. Either select Hour, Minute, Year (2001
  • 2099), Month, Day, & whether Sleep Mode is ON or OFF.
  • When the Sleep Mode is active, the thermometer will turn OFF automatically after 1 min to 3 min (depending on the manufactory default).
  • When sleep mode is turned off, the thermometer remains with power ON continuously.
  • Note: For saving battery power, they suggest that you set Sleep Mode to ON.
  • While in a Settings mode or Format, advance through the figures by pressing the Memory Button as necessitated.
  • To return to normal mode, press the Ear & forehead Buttons at the same time.
  • The thermometer will also go back to normal mode automatically after one minute of non-use.

Is Mobi a good thermometer?

The MOBI Non-Contact Thermometer Is Safe & Accurate; There Are 2 Reasons Others Might Not Be. Purchasing your non-contact digital health thermometer from a reputable American company like MOBI is the only way to assure quality during this public health emergency.

How do you turn on a Mobi thermometer?

Turn on your device by pressing the’ light’ push-button. Press & hold the’ set’ push-button until it beeps. On-screen you’ll see the time with the hour number’ flashing’. Press the’ set’ button continually until the desired hour is reached.

How do I reset my Mobi digital thermometer?

  • Remove the batteries from your thermometer.
  • Store thermometer at room temperature (72-78F), & avoiding placing the thermometer in direct suns or in front of AC outlets for at least 1 hour.
  • Re-insert batteries.

Where do I put the Mobi thermometer?

Hold the device0.4-2 inches from the face or body & press the alarm. The device will’ call 3 times to signify that the measurement is complete. Face mode Use this mode to measure the room, face, or object temperatures.

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